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Predictive Analytics

Yesterday’s trends help you understand how you got here. Predicting tomorrow’s trends help you understand where to go next.


Easier said than done. Developing predictive insights is a complex process that provides directional confidence in the likely trends of tomorrow. So, if your path forward requires the exact point of a compass, predictive analytics will disappoint you. However, directional confidence in the likely trends of tomorrow is still valuable. Predictive analytics processes, by nature, help to clarify the highest impact variables that drive the outlook for your market or business. This knowledge helps to focus decision-making on the factors that are most likely to move the needle.

How Pointe can help

Predictive analytics is a powerful tool to inform your decision-making and guide strategic initiatives. For it to be successful, it requires three key components: clarity on the need/purpose, high quality data, and advanced statistical techniques. This is where Pointe can help. With years of experience in both the curation of datasets and analytical modeling, we can develop evidence-based solutions for your most pressing strategic questions. This process typically includes:

  • Development of the strategic question and intended predictive output

  • Collection of data from relevant and reliable sources

  • Curating and mining the data in preparation for statistical analysis

  • Develop predictive model using some combination of time series, regression algorithms and neural networks

  • Train and test model for real-world deployment

  • Provide discreet insights to targeted questions

  • Deploy model for future iterations and use in your ecosystem

Relevant use cases

  • Pointe supported an EdTech start-up model demand forecasts based on a vast array of disparate structured and unstructured data, including traditional admissions/ matriculation trends, online program enrollment, and social media pulse, to develop customer archetypes which enabled a differentiated commercial strategy.

  • Pointe guided an oil major perform scenario analysis on downstream supply needs based on a multitude of macroeconomic and geopolitical factors to hedge against over/under production risks and optimize delivery routes.

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