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Go-to-Market Strategy

G2M is a universal challenge. Companies frequently underperform because they take a sub-optimal route to their customers.


The underlying reason for these observable inefficiencies can differ by industry and company. In some instances, an entire industry may lack certain channel infrastructure. In other situations, a distribution dynamic may be changing due to consolidation or disintermediation. Companies may simply fail diversify their commercial model – such as transitioning towards e-commerce – to better align with shifting consumer preferences. But, regardless of the challenge, there is a common symptom: insufficient data.

But even perfect data on the externalities is not a guarantee of success. Consequently, it is imperative to marry the external analysis with an unapologetically objective evaluation of your own capabilities. This combination identifies the exploitable market gaps and the path to realizing the associated value.

Whether you are a longstanding market leader or a recent entrant, the right G2M strategy can be clarified by a deeper understanding of the market landscape, including customer preferences, channel partner constraints, and competitor positioning. Unfortunately, insights across these dimensions are not always readily available. The datasets required to optimize G2M strategy must be created. That is where Pointe can help.

How Pointe can help

Pointe can work with you to develop a G2M thesis and use this process to identify the data required to test the thesis. The result is an evidence-based roadmap on the optimal G2M strategy supported by thoughtful frameworks and advanced analytics. This process typically includes:

  • Evaluation of your capabilities

  • Assessment of the target market, including mapping the routes to market

  • Determining customer segments, purchasing criteria, and buying processes

  • Evaluation of competitive landscape and key competitors’ capabilities

  • Identification of market gaps that align with our core capabilities

  • Development of a roadmap for the optimal G2M strategy
    (including execution risks)

  • Economic analysis on the expected investments required to execute relative to the “size of the prize”

Relevant use cases

  • Pointe supported a Big Four accounting firm in the identification and evaluation of audit technology, including developing economic cases for automation impacts to profitability for compliance-focused work. Follow-up work included developing playbook for the firm in optimizing its technology ecosystem for its audit and tax practices and developing best practices for tech-forward operating models and G2M strategies.

  • Pointe worked with a global medical equipment company with to review its European G2M strategy. Pointe conducted an independent, assessment of the company’s capabilities and positioning, including management interviews, a customer survey, and competitor benchmarking. Once the independent assessment was completed and strengths and gaps identified, Pointe structured and lead a strategic workshop to develop a new commercial G2M strategy levering the company’s strengths and relationships to successful convert opportunities across Europe.

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