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Customer Insights

Elevating Intelligence & Strategy

Customers are the lifeblood of business. Customer insight is the oxygen that keeps it vibrant. 


Pointe is at the heart of framing, obtaining, and analyzing deep customer insights to power winning strategies. From identification to acquisition and retention, we help our clients understand the entire life cycles and experiences of their customers. Such intimate cognition of customers illuminates vast areas of opportunity and ensuing strategy, including:

  • Awareness of all addressable customer segments and guiding purchasing motivators/pain points by segment

  • Prioritization of most profitable customers and targeting of such customers with differentiated value propositions 

  • Optimization of marketing mix across pricing, promotion, distribution, and placement factors

  • Evaluation of customer experience from pre-sale research to aftermarket behavior

  • Multiplication of customer value via cross-selling, prize realization, referrals, and advocacy 

  • Replication of proven go-to-market approaches across a broader portfolio 


Grounded in primary research, Pointe’s proprietary methodology and advanced analytic techniques are elevated by a mix of intelligence and strategy consulting disciplines. The result is original and creative customer insights to target the right customers and retain them as loyal promoters.

We provide support across several noteworthy dimensions of customer insights:

  • Customer Demand

  • Voice of the Customer

  • Customer Analytics


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