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How Pointe can help

For more than two decades Pointe has been a trusted partner to global building products segment.  Grounded in a balanced combination of original research, advanced quantitative analysis and sector expertise, we bring original and creative insights to formulate and execute creative strategies to anticipate disruption, outmaneuver the market, and illuminate opportunity.


Pointe’s solutions include:

  • Mergers & Acquisition: We bring original insights to develop and execute inorganic strategies including footprint expansion, channel consolidation, category diversification and international supply access.  

  • Growth Strategy: Pointe creates value for building products clients by identifying available white space and assessing attractiveness and feasibility of different opportunities. This helps our clients establish a prioritized roadmap to enter new geographies, segments, and channels, while defending core businesses.

  • Market Analysis: We provide clarity to your strategic process by mapping market landscapes, sizing addressable segments, tracking critical trends, and benchmarking capabilities.

  • Customer Insights: Pointe provides deep learnings around customer characteristics, sentiment, and demand to enable our clients to craft product, marketing, and distribution strategies tailored to customer preferences.  


Building Products

The strategies of the past no longer ensure success.   

Shifting consumer preferences, unpredictable geopolitical forces, and evolving environmental imperatives are transforming the fundamentals of building products. Innovations now favor performance-based concepts over prescriptive ones. Architecture trends prioritizing comfort and sustainability are making structures more efficacious, healthy, and safe, but are demanding more from industry participants. Distributors that cannot adapt will be disintermediated and contractors that do not pivot penalized.


Internally, technology-enabled advances are enhancing facilities, with automation and computer-software optimizing plant activities from sawmilling and machining to inventory management, cutting cost and helping stabilize overly leveraged balance sheets.


But for leaders looking to capitalize on upturn cycles, the path is not as straightforward as it seems. Tariffs, tightening regulations, and COVID restrictions are disrupting supply chains, leaving entire pipelines backlogged. Consolidation across the value chain is distorting power balances further complicating the strategy forward.


Disruption creates opportunity.  Capitalizing on these opportunities requires bold and well-placed capital allocation strategies. Tomorrow’s building products market will favor agile market leaders that can move quickly and with conviction.

Success Stories

  • A national building materials company was evaluating a potential merger of equals and required independent, outside-in analysis on the transaction. Pointe supported the client with rigorous evaluations of new, end-market exposures and granular insight into acquired capabilities of the target on a business unit level to determine optimal approaches to synergy capture and cultural integration. As a result of Pointe’s work, the client rescoped its purchase deal, refined the terms sheet, and adjusted valuations to properly account for the downstream challenges anticipated and avoid overpaying.   

  • A leader in the commercial building products space was experiencing incremental share erosion at the expense of new international entrants. Pointe assisted the client with a deep-dive analysis of benchmarks and investments to better understand overarching strategy and sensitivity spots, allowing new white space areas to emerge. Consequently, the client grasped the urgency of moving upstream and pursuing inorganic plays to develop a new differentiated niche in high-end offerings as opposed to losing share and margin in the mass market segment.

  • A multi-billion-dollar materials group was underperforming in cost structure relative to its immediate peers. Pointe helped the client develop an intimate understanding of peer manufacturing, labor, and supply chain benchmarks to determine best practice thresholds. In turn, the client was able to quickly identify and rapidly change high-lever metrics for efficiency improvement, while rethinking strategic elements of their procurement and purchasing strategies to fully leverage its economies of scale and scope. The client was able to exceed peer comparables in 12-months and its stock price growth outpaced the market.

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