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Advance Always

Socrates said, “Education is the kindling of a flame.” Today, we find mega-trends igniting the Education market’s fire like never before.    

Accelerated by the pandemic, mega-trends are driving unprecedented change. Population growth in developing countries is forecasted >15% and set to add more than 1 billion learners. Middle class growth is projected to reach 65% of the world’s population by 2030, broadening access to education. Technological advances are disrupting every facet of content creation, delivery, and consumption fueling new business models. In response, EdTech is anticipated to attract nearly $90B in capital over the next 5 years. 

The industry’s tailwinds are now also connected to a grander context of both values and results. Market participants are seeking leadership in areas of diversity, inclusion, and justice. In parallel, funding is increasingly tied to ambitious targets for learning outcomes, shifting the basis of competition to ROI. ​

This leaves market players navigating an abundance of opportunity. Executives must balance defining enterprise questions with targeted commercial questions to determine where to invest. To win in such a dynamic space, organizations will need to adapt with focused growth strategies, clearly defined value propositions, and rapid adoption of new technology and business models. 


How Pointe can help

Pointe is a trusted partner to the full scope of Education players, including public, private, nonprofit, and investor organizations. We are passionately committed to advancing the ethos of the profession and the economics of the learning business. 


Pointe helps organizations formulate and execute creative strategies to capitalize on growth opportunities, stress-test capital allocation decisions, and tame disruptive forces. Pointe frames market ambiguity with a balanced combination of original primary research, advanced quantitative analysis and sector expertise. As a result, our clients overcome competitive challenges to move forward with conviction.

Pointe’s solutions include:

  • Mergers & Acquisition: We support the development and execution of inorganic strategies ranging from start-up search-and-screen exercises to evaluating the investment logic of platform-focused deals. 

  • Growth Strategy: Pointe identifies and clarifies the attractiveness and feasibility of market opportunities. We further develop prioritized roadmap to enter new geographies, segments, and channels, while defending core businesses against incumbents. 

  • Market Analysis: We provide clarity to your strategic process by mapping market landscapes, sizing addressable segments, tracking critical trends, benchmarking competitor capabilities, and predicting industry evolutions. 

  • Customer Insights: Pointe provides deep learnings around customer characteristics, sentiment, and demand to enable our clients to craft tailored product, marketing, and distribution strategies. 

Success Stories

  • A multinational education company’s business model was severely impacted by COVID-19, prompting the need for diversification. Pointe supported the client with a market evaluation of the learning space across key global geographies in noteworthy segments including K-12, Higher-Ed, and Workforce. The engagement assessed overall attractiveness and feasibility factors to inform go-forward decisions and reduce overweighted exposure to current offerings. Pointe also provided initial views on entry strategy by performing a high-level target screening of potential acquisition targets. As a result, the client embarked on a multi-year journey to transform their business toward learning content and digital platforms.

  • A multi-billion education group was facing disruptive threats from new technological insurgents. Pointe helped the client frame the level of threat to existing customers, operating model, and overall economics as well as develop comparative benchmarks to ascertain capability gaps and areas of strength. Pointe also crafted a competitive response strategy to protect market share in the short-term and reposition the business for future growth in the long-term. Consequently, the client has refocused their portfolio investments and gained greater intentionality when going-to-market with a fine-tuned approach.

  • A global education and certification client was launching a new learning curriculum but wanted to stress-test its commercial viability before going live. Pointe approached the request with a diligence and operational mindset, evaluating the different tenets of the client investment thesis and generating a customer archetype model, enabled by advanced analytics, to craft a custom marketing strategy to maximize success with targeted buyers. In turn, the client was able to move forward confidently regarding its capital allocation for the new product and capture higher-than-expected upside from the bespoke customer target strategies.

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