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Specialized Panels

Not all key opinion leaders have worthwhile opinions. And when it comes to your research panel, it is only as good as the KOLs that comprise it.


Research panels can be a high impact approach to developing relevant insights that inform strategic decision-making processes. But even targeted panels are frequently overly generic, composed of “serial” survey respondents, and ill-equipped to weigh-in on more nuanced topics. For some, this makeup is satisfactory and can still pull forward the intended insights.

But when you require deeper level of expertise to understand the scope of disruption from a new technology, the likely impact of a regulatory change or the potential for a new B2B product or service, your need more. Consistently high quality for uniquely targeted KOL input is imperative to ensure the intended demographic and psychographic segments are appropriately represented. Essentially, it calls for a panel of experts in your field of inquiry.

Building a specialized panel of experts requires expertise from the panel builders in any targeted space. Identifying and recruiting high caliber panelists starts with a deep understanding of the underlying subject matter. In essence, it takes one to know one.

How Pointe can help

We have more than two decades of expertise in building targeted expert networks to ensure we have real-time access to industry-leading KOLs. We construct our own specialized panels to help guide our answers to our clients’ toughest questions. This same expertise and process discipline makes us uniquely qualified to identify KOLs and quickly build high-impact, custom panels. We can give you the information edge you need to make better and faster decisions. With Pointe as a partner, you will benefit from who we know to win with what you know.

Relevant use cases

  • A client’s competitor launched a new multiparameter vitals sign monitoring device with superior features and at a lower price point. Pointe developed a revamped G2M so the client could successfully compete until its own new device was launched. As part of the study, Pointe surveyed a customized panel of 240 hospital purchasing decision-makers including C-suite, clinical, biomedical, financial/procurement, and technology stakeholders and conducted a driver analysis to uncover which messaging factors ultimately drove each stakeholder type to purchase a multiparameter vitals sign monitoring device.

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