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Custom Advisor Networks

“It’s not what you know, but who you know.”


Despite advancements in data accessibility and advanced analytics, this well-worn adage resonates now more than ever. Dubbed by some the Age of Complexity, the expansion and integration of markets, systems and governance structures leaves analysts clamoring for more and more data to better explain unpredictable outcomes. This leaves decision-makers to rely on available data and personal observations. Leading behavioral economists and decision scientists have exhaustively uncovered the inherent risks in relying on incomplete views or worse, “gut instincts.”


So, what are the alternatives? Real-time conversations with real industry experts. Privileged conversations with the right person – from executives to boots-on-the-ground operators – can provide the external data and insights required to inform decision-making, guide capital allocations, or validate your strategy.


But not all industry experts are created equal. And there is a clear correlation between expert quality and data integrity. That’s where Pointe can help.

How Pointe can help

We have two decades of experience cultivating original industry advisors and experts. Unlike modern expert networks, we don’t play by the numbers. We believe in quality, not just quantity. Our lasting success is grounded in the proprietary expert network we have built and the capacity to develop exclusive relationships with highly-targeted and vetted individuals. We rely on our experts daily for our own engagements, so it's paramount they have relevant expertise and can articulate their insights in a structured and impactful way. But it is not just our established proprietary network that we can offer. Our experience in research, combined with a background in intelligence, uniquely positions us to identify and recruit experts on an as-needed basis. 

We can give you the information edge you need to make better and faster decisions. With Pointe as a partner, you will benefit from who we know to win with what you know.

Relevant use cases

  • Pointe capitalized on extensive networks in global heavy machinery markets to build a custom-tailored advisory board that could be deployed for pulse checks on emerging market trends and tapped on-demand for original insights on current landscape developments. The intelligence allows our client to remain agile and respond quickly and confidently to
    evolving opportunities.

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