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Health Care Services

Value-based care models, industry consolidation, and non-traditional entrants are disrupting traditional industry models.

The industry is driving innovation and collaboration across the value chain, driven by an accelerated desire to improve population health outcomes while containing costs. Value-based payment, digital therapeutics, virtual care, AI and predictive analytics are now table s takes.


Employers are increasingly passing costs through high-deductible plans and HSAs. Payers and providers are accelerating virtual health offerings and ER alternatives. Health systems are developing new AI/ML forecasting tools and real-time analytics to optimize supply chains. Payer collaboration with digital health partners is enabling holistic care management and improving omnichannel member engagement. 


Market disruption and opportunity is resulting in extraordinary M&A and capital investment activity including:

  • Payers acquiring PBMs and providers to improve expense ratios

  • Health systems acquiring urgent care centers to create cost-efficient networks

  • Venture capital flowing into consumer health apps, predictive analytics, and care delivery startups

  • Smaller startups pursuing acquisition to scale

  • Larger digital health companies exiting via IPO  


For payers and providers, optimizing opportunities while mitigating threats in this rapidly shifting landscape is challenging. Access to accurate and real-time assessment of market events is critical to evaluating your strategic options. Strategy decisions must be made quickly, but they don’t need to be made in the dark.

How Pointe can help

Pointe Health’s team of healthcare experts combines practical industry experience with robust global networks across the payer, provider, technology, and policy landscapes. We leverage original primary research, advanced and structured analysis, and industry expertise to bring our clients evidence-based assessments and strategic advisory services that inform strategies and mitigate decision risk.


For over two decades we have partnered with our clients to optimize creative growth strategies, deliver full market potential, and mitigate risk across core pillars of the emerging healthcare value chain including:


  • Health Plans and Private Insurance

  • Employer Healthcare

  • Acute Care and Hospital Providers

  • Retail Transformation

  • Healthcare Support Chain

  • Behavioral & Mental Health

  • Home Healthcare

  • Telehealth

  • Digital Transformation & Healthcare IT

Pointe’s Solutions:

Pointe Health’s services support client strategic decisions including:

  • New market evaluation and entry

  • Affordability, cost rationalization, and revenue enhancement

  • Commercial model optimization

  • Go-to-market and channel evaluations

  • Product development, marketing, and value story creation

  • Partnership evaluations

  • M&A and venture investment diligence and opportunity evaluation

  • Long-range planning and forecasting

Success Stories

  • New Market Entry: A healthcare data analytics provider wanted to adjust two flagship products for the unique needs of the health plan market, and explore new product development opportunities for that segment.  Pointe Health conducted exhaustive primary-source research on the data analytics needs of health plans related to our client’s specific value proposition and product features, and provided analysis and judgments related to health plan procurement processes, satisfaction with current solutions, trends in analytics tools and technologies, and receptivity to our client’s existing and planned product features.  Pointe Health’s evidence-based advice compelled our client to make improvements to its current product suite to address the specific needs of health plans before introducing its products into the market.

  • Product Development and Marketing Strategy: A provider of pharmacy services and solutions wanted to test its value story and messaging tactics with health plans in an effort to improve product differentiation in a crowded market.  Pointe Health conducted blended qualitative and quantitative research to test various components of our client’s marketing messaging and identify unmet needs.  Our research and analysis convinced our client to make significant changes in its value story to address specific health plan pain points, address value concerns, and better highlight existing product features against specific market needs.

  • Partnership and Business Development Strategies: A national health insurance company engaged Pointe Health to conduct a broad survey of behavioral health apps for possible inclusion on its third-party services platform offered to plan sponsors.  Pointe Health examined the product portfolios, pricing models, market penetration, investment backing, and customer satisfaction of several established and start-up apps, and made recommendations on potential partnerships in line with our client’s third-party vendor and plan sponsor growth strategies, compelling our client to narrow its population of vetted third-party apps for its plan sponsor platform.

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