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Clarity With Impact

Pointe Health delivers unmatched evidence-based insights to power the investment strategies of global healthcare leaders. Our versatile methodology can be swiftly deployed to frame disruption, challenge mindsets, and fine-tune evidence. The result in game-changing outcomes.



About Pointe Health

Boutique service, world class results.

For over 20 years, Pointe has provided original research, advanced analytics and evidence-based insights to the investment community and senior executives across the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech, devices, payers, and health IT companies. Pointe powers our clients’ decision-making with an unparalleled understanding of their rapidly changing market dynamics.

Evidence Matters.


At Pointe, we believe that superior investment strategy is built on evidence, not theory. Our rigorous research capabilities and proprietary expert networks allow us to generate original insights at a level of granularity and relevance unrivaled in the industry. Our clients move clearly and confidently through their markets, discovering risks and opportunities before they occur.

Clarity When It Counts

We dive deeper, generating unique, accurate, and immediately actionable insights. We conduct privileged conversations with curated market participants to build a real-time mosaic around a therapeutic area, regulatory strategy, technology introduction, or specific investment opportunity.

As a result, our clients move faster and stay smarter in their markets while gaining a firm advantage in their strategic decision making.


Integrated Perspective

Pointe Health is more than a pharmaceutical insights firm.  We uniquely operate active practices and networks across the increasingly interdependent healthcare system. We provide intelligence coverage for all facets of the healthcare industry, providing a broader perspective on the entirety of competitive forces impacting a drug’s commercial success.



The current health crisis has unlocked the promise of long-simmering innovation in the life sciences industry. The industry responded leaning on advancements in mRNA technology, applications of AI to clinical research, and rapid at-scale manufacturing. 

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