The pandemic has highlighted both the power and promise of MedTech.

The industry has been center-stage across the healthcare system. Digital transformation - long underway but amplified by COVID-19 -- is accelerating investments across the value chain and returning significant ROI to adopters.


MedTech now finds itself uniquely positioned address pain points across the system. The rise in the number of connected medical devices comes at a critical time as telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and other remote workflows have moved into the mainstream. 


The internet of medical things (IoMT) is already dramatically reshaping healthcare benefitting patients, clinicians, providers and payers through improved efficiencies, lower care costs and better patient outcomes in healthcare. Further, the IoMT data generated is unlocking the promise of AI, natural language processing, and robotic process automation to further drive efficiency in clinical operations and improvements in patient outcomes.


Market disruption and new opportunities often go hand in hand. Staying ahead in such a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape is a challenge. Falling behind is much worse. To succeed, MedTech companies will need to develop new strategies to harness the data provided by their digitally enabled products and optimize their business and operating models to stay relevant and competitive.

How Pointe can help

Pointe Health combines deep industry knowledge with robust global networks across healthcare value chain. Our evidence-based methodology is grounded in original primary research, advanced quantitative analysis and sector expertise to bring our clients fresh and comprehensive insights. For over two decades we have partnered with medical device and technology companies to optimize creative growth strategies, deliver full market potential, and mitigate risk. 


Pointe’s solutions include:

Pointe Health’s services support client strategic decisions including:

  • Product improvement, differentiation, marketing and sales strategies

  • Use case analysis and selection

  • Market segmentation, size, and landscape analysis

  • Sourcing and supply chain evaluation, research and benchmarking

  • R&D investments, prioritization, and opportunity evaluation

  • New market entry, including international geographic expansion

  • Market access, coverage, and pricing strategy

Success Stories

  • Go-to-Market (G2M) Strategy Development: A MedTech client’s competitor launched a new multiparameter vitals sign monitoring device with superior features and at a lower price than our client’s device, threatening the client’s installed base in the UK and Germany. Pointe developed a revamped G2M strategy based on surveys of a customized panel of 240 hospital purchasing decision-makers, a drivers analysis to uncover messaging factors that drove each stakeholder type to purchase the device, and benchmarking key competitor commercial success factors that the client could emulate. To date, the client’s installed base has remained protected while its new product progresses through R&D.


  • Growth Strategy: A MedTech client wanted to accelerate growth by entering the clinical collaboration and communication (CC&C) space in the US. Pointe identified three CC&C segments that were near adjacencies to the client’s portfolio. Pointe assessed the market size and growth, competitive landscape, and attractiveness of each segment, and screened leading players for potential M&A and/or partnership opportunities. The client used the findings to augment its own burgeoning product in the provider communication space and successfully increased penetration organically.


  • M&A Diligence: A MedTech client wanted to diligence an investment in the US Hospital at Home (H@H) market, which was experiencing explosive growth after CMS passed the Acute Hospital Care At Home program in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. To assess the attractiveness of a potential investment, Pointe sized the US H@H market, projected its future growth, benchmarked leading competitors, and surveyed hospitals with the largest active programs.  The client decided to move forward with its investment in a H@H vendor.