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Long-simmering innovations in the life sciences industry are rapidly coming to fruition.

The industry responded to the global health crisis leaning on advancements in mRNA technology, applications of AI to clinical research, and rapid at-scale manufacturing.  Legacy players and new entrants formed partnerships to not only respond to the public health crisis, but also to reshape traditional industry forces in ways that will have lasting implications.  


This global achievement is built on trends fermenting over the past decade. Breakthrough therapies, digital transformation, chronic disease management, and personalized medicine have forced companies to re-evaluate pipeline strategies and move faster in developing new assets. Advancements in digitization, AI/MI, and robotic automation are allowing companies to collaborate across the product cycle from bench science to manufacturing development. 


However, new high-priced novel therapies are drawing increasing attention requiring innovators to generate the real-world evidence necessary to address regulatory review, value-based care models, and changing contracting dynamics. Companies seeking market access need to be better equipped and informed than ever before to ensure product launches maximize market potential. 


Agile players are those that can optimize new advanced data-enabled tools and adapt their business models to accommodate challenges such as supply-chain bottlenecks, travel restrictions, and closer scrutiny of drug reimbursement.  This presents an ideal environment for firms to adjust their priorities, refresh their thinking, and move forward more resiliently.  

How Pointe can help


Pointe Health combines practical clinical and commercial knowledge with robust global networks across the healthcare value chain. Our evidence-based methodology is grounded in original primary research, advanced quantitative analysis and sector expertise to bring our clients fresh and comprehensive insights.


For over two decades we have partnered with global biotech and pharmaceutical companies to optimize creative growth strategies, deliver full market potential, and mitigate risk across core life science segments including:

  • Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

  • Gene Therapies

  • Diagnostics & Personalized Medicine

  • Drug Delivery


Pointe Solutions

Original insights informing the entire Drug Life Cycle

Information without context doesn’t inform strategy or contribute to commercial success. Pointe informs strategy development and decision-making by transforming collected information into decision-relevant intelligence against a set of jointly-defined topics. 

  • Business development and licensing strategy

  • Market sizing & attractiveness

  • Therapeutic landscape mapping & market sizing

  • Treatment gaps and  patients and providers VOC

  • Key conference & congress coverage

  • Therapeutic landscape monitoring

  • Clinical trial developments & launch projections

  • KOL perceptions of assets in

  • development

  • Commercialization strategies

  • Regulatory strategy

  • Market access

  • Early positioning and messaging

  • Key conference & congress coverage

  • Scenario simulations

  • Product launch strategy

  • Patient access strategy

  • Field force organization and sales strategy

  • Sales messaging & counter-detailing

  • Patient & HCP support

  • KOL & high-prescriber perceptions

  • Continuous market monitoring

  • Social media / digital monitoring

  • Key conference & congress coverage

Success Stories

  • Pointe conducted detailed landscape monitoring of an early-stage asset, delivering original insights on a new promising pre-clinical  biotech candidate. Coverage included data and clinical discussions showcased at international medical conferences and primary source research. As a result, the client made the decision to acquire the company and bolster its immune-oncology pipeline.


  • A global pharmaceuticals manufacturer was preparing a bid for a country tender offer for a single-payer healthcare market. Pointe Health reviewed past supplier bids, conducted exclusive primary-source research to assess likely bidding strategies of other providers, and calculated the likely price our client needed to submit to be competitive. Our research and analysis helped the client win a three-year contract to supply a key therapeutic, a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 

  • A global biotech firm engaged Pointe Health to provide market analysis in support of a brand / commercialization strategy for a key in-line neuroscience drug. Pointe Health created a market insights program that provided on-going, real-time market information that informed messaging and outreach, field force sizing, patient support and other key project strategies. Our work contributed to distinct improvements in the client’s field force strategy, product differentiation, and patient support programs.

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