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Executive Search

Knowing what talent you need is one thing. Finding that person is something different entirely.


In today’s market, the acquisition and retention of talent is unprecedently challenging and characterized by a divergence between employers and employees. On the employer side, rapid growth is increasing the urgency of successful talent acquisition and development. But on the employee side, shifting preferences around work-from-home balance, physical locations and compensation packages are pushing employers to adapt to new models and develop modernized employee value propositions.

But even as things change, somethings remain the same. The definition of high-quality talent remains largely unchanged. And so has the process of finding it.

Pointe takes a different spin on recruitment firms. We excel at finding needles in haystacks. We've developed relationships with uniquely qualified experts across our industry verticals and our network continues to grow. Perhaps one of our experts should be working for you?

How Pointe can help

We have more than two decades of expertise in identifying and carefully vetting top talent for our expert networks. We apply the same structured frameworks and strategic research accumen to our talent services. It's a differentiated approach to delivering world-class talent search and placement services to fulfill your talent needs. 

Pointe has successfully identified and placed talent globally across a full-range of functions, industries and experience-levels under a variety of arrangements. This process can include:

  • Clarification of talent needs, including technical capabilities and preferred experiences of intended hire

  • Support in developing compelling employee value proposition (EVP) that competitively positions opportunity to prospects

  • Creation of a talent thesis to align on target profiles and identify high potential pools

  • Bespoke and high-pace outreach to eligible candidates with ongoing A/B testing to ensure optimal outreach strategy

  • For potential candidates, detailed vetting to ensure only the best candidates are put forward

  • To support the evaluation and close, ongoing management of assessments, scheduling and offer development

Relevant use cases

  • A leading professional services client was looking to hire 1 to 3 key audit technology executives in the US and UK markets. After identifying key parameters for target candidates, Pointe leveraged its existing proprietary advisory networks within the industry utilized its contact identification framework to build a pipeline of audit technology talent.   As a result, the client was able to fill key positions in both markets.  

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