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Value Creation

Maximizing your organization’s value is a daunting task. But value creation strategy begins with one key question - How do you win in your field of play? 

The answer requires a deep understanding of your market, its customers, your competitors, and your organization – including your vision, values and capabilities.

Understanding the players on the board helps to clarify where your “edge” is and how you can deploy that to win.


Objectivity is key in this process. Cognitive biases, group think, and dated market truisms can lead to misperceptions around positioning and can derail the value creation process. Seeking external validation of your intended direction can provide you the ability to move forward with conviction.

How Pointe Can Help

Our goals, capabilities and market position are unique, and require originality to create optimal value. Analytical frameworks and best practice processes can power the value creation effort.

Validate working definition of “core” market, including segmentation and growth forecasts
Clarify current market position relative to competitors
Identify the sub-segments within your market that offer the greatest potential value
Size the prize for each identified sub-segment to clarify priorities
Determine the “success factors” within each priority segment
Evaluate your capabilities relative the competitors across each success factor
Develop initial roadmaps on how best to capture the identified value

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Position Assessment

A Fortune 100 industrial client required an assessment of its position in the North American consumer and commercial fluids market with a desire to accelerate growth. Pointe performed an analysis of market participants, distributors and retailers to size the opportunity, identify key segments and recommend growth strategies resulting in refined price position, value proposition and access to adjacent market opportunities.

Case Study #2

Acquisition Targets Identification

Pointe supported a global professional services firm to identify acquisition targets in high-growth advisory adjacencies. Pointe articulated a potential investment thesis for high potential candidates and conducted commercial diligence of a $1B+ consulting firm. The client completed an acquisition of the diligence target. Post-close, Pointe led a series of merger integration workshops to provide guidance on brand strategy, positioning, cross-selling best practices, etc.

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