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Target Identification

Knowing you want to buy a company is challenging.

Knowing which company to buy is more challenging still.

And as with most complicated processes, success is ultimately measured by the caliber and discipline of the approach.

With decades of experience identifying and evaluating companies, we have the search-and-screen process down to a science.

Finding the right company starts and ends with an intentional and structured approach. Clarifying the dimensions for an attractive target requires an articulation of the thread between your selection criteria and your long-term objectives. Identifying and evaluating M&A opportunities via this lens reduces the risk of misses and increases the likelihood of creating the value you intend.

How Pointe Can Help

There is no one-size-fits all with identifying the right target for M&A. So, we stay flexible across the dimensions that we can and do serve your team. 

Developing evaluative frameworks to support the identification of attractive market segments and geographies
Determining the criteria by which to evaluate and prioritize prospective targets
Identify high potential targets that align with strategic objectives
Conduct early-stage introductions to gauge sales willingness and support with early-stage evaluations

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Exposure to Domestic Clientele

A professional services firm in Thailand required immediate exposure to domestic clientele. Pointe identified, screened and engaged with a short-list of high potential candidate firms. Client developed bids for two of the identified targets, successfully negotiating with its top candidate.

Case Study #2

Inorganic Growth Strategy

An industrial goods manufacturer requested support in developing an inorganic growth strategy and identifying relevant targets that aligned with that strategy. We developed several theses for inorganic growth and created frameworks to identify high potential targets to execute on the strategy. Client successfully engaged two of our identified targets.

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