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Energy & Natural Resources


Energy consumption, especially burning fossil fuels, is the primary driver of the current climate crisis. Unfortunately, global energy demand continues to increase.

Expanding renewables’ share of electricity generation is central to the global response. The electrification of transportation and advancements in battery technology, green hydrogen, and offshore wind are presenting powerful, long-lasting opportunities, both in terms of sustainability and commercial potential. Continued advancements in storage and generation capacity are continuing to drive the sector. 

As demand for renewables increases, new economies and new entrants will naturally follow. Consequently, consolidation of the competitive landscape is already occurring. Regardless, companies with the vision, creativity, and innovation to develop and find broader applications for technologies and navigate a complexifying supply chain and regulatory landscape will win. 


From an investment perspective, fortune will favor the bold and those willing to play the long game. Many technologies are still unproven. As a result, the traditional criteria private equity and venture capital use to evaluate an investment must be recalibrated and assessed on projected rather than historical performance. This places a premium on predicative analytics and research and analysis to defog the future of renewables and envision how technologies and applications will converge in the future. 

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How Pointe Can Help

Pointe brings two decades of global energy industry experience and a track record of helping industry leaders utilize disruption, outmaneuver the market, and illuminate the path forward. We bring clarity to the ambiguity of a rapidly transforming industry flush with opportunity but also rife with uncertainty.

Grounded in original research and advanced analytics, we develop original and creative insight to help industry leaders and investors spot opportunity and act quickly and decisively.
Agricultural Fields

Pointe's Solutions Include

Mergers & Acquisitions

We support the development and execution of inorganic strategies ranging from start-up search-and-screen exercises to evaluating the investment logic of platform-focused deals. 

Market Analysis

We provide clarity to your strategic process by mapping market landscapes, sizing addressable segments, tracking critical trends, benchmarking competitor capabilities, and predicting industry evolutions. 

Growth Strategy

Pointe identifies and clarifies the attractiveness and feasibility of market opportunities. We further develop prioritized roadmap to enter new geographies, segments, and channels, while defending core businesses against incumbents. 

Customer Insights

Pointe provides deep learnings around customer characteristics, sentiment, and demand to enable our clients to craft tailored product, marketing, and distribution strategies. 


A global agribusiness client surmised one of its subsidiary business units was struggling in the overall landscape. Pointe first performed an evaluation of the client’s capabilities, performance, and strategic fit in the business.  We then benchmarked the group against the market. As a result of the findings, the client confidently divested its business unit completely.

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