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Rachel Smith


Rachel is a leader in the Pointe Health practice with over 12 years of experience in clinical practice, academic research, and life science strategy consulting. Rachel collaborates with cross-functional stakeholders at top-20 global pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare services companies to enhance their commercial strategy and strengthen their competitive positioning in rapidly evolving markets. She specializes in guiding clients through new product launches, advising on innovative lifecycle management strategies, improving market access, and accelerating growth through strategic opportunity assessments. Her work has run the therapeutic area gamut, covering neurology, allergy/immunology, psychiatry, rare disease, hematology and gene therapy/editing.  


Rachel has interacted with many facets of US and global healthcare systems over the course of her career. Before coming to Pointe, Rachel worked in diagnostic neurophysiology, where she saw patients with nerve injuries or neuromuscular disease. She spent much of her Master’s degree in Yale New Haven Hospital’s Epilepsy Surgery Center, where she helped to uncover the electrophysiological signatures of human consciousness, and she went on to conduct her doctoral research on the on the functional neural basis of neurocognitive deficits. Rachel consistently leverages her unique scientific and clinical background to drive towards deep and actionable business recommendations for her clients.  


Undergraduate: PhD, Neuroscience, University College London
Graduate: Master of Sciences, Yale University & University College London

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