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Energy & Natural Resources

Oil & Gas

Climate crisis and geopolitical forces are accelerating the hydrocarbon energy transition. But market headwinds are far from uncharted territory for O&G.

The industry has survived a variety of transitory economic cycles, emerging stronger after each bear period. Our last oil crisis saw a 70% price decline, but the post-crisis landscape comprised leaner E&Ps, a rationalized shale oilfield service space, and more disciplined midstream investors. 

But the staying power of the ongoing transition is different. O&G faces a multi-decade phase of displacement with demand increasingly served by alternatives. 

The industry is under increasing pressure from regulators and investors leading to noteworthy trends: 

  • O&G companies are setting ambitious decarbonization goals, investing in ESG initiatives and alternative molecular fuels 

  • Digitization and IIoT efforts are transforming the value chain 

  • Downstream and midstream operators are variablizing spend profiles to improve cash flows. 

  • Operators are increasingly confronted by the risk of stranded assets.  

  • E&Ps struggling to generate returns via unconventional resource models are turning to consolidation to de-risk their balance sheets. 


But energy consumption continues to grow, and hydrocarbons remain the best suited solution to support demand for decades.  Exploiting these opportunities is far from easy and will require differentiated capital allocation strategies. The line between thriving and barely surviving will be narrow, with the quality of executive decisions making the difference.  

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How Pointe Can Help

Pointe brings 20 years of global expertise and passion for the land to help anticipate disruption, outmaneuver the market, and illuminate opportunities.
Grounded in original research and advanced analytics, we bring superior and creative insights to reap market share, profit, and impact gains.
Our clients move forward with conviction.
Agricultural Fields

Pointe's Solutions Include

Mergers & Acquisitions

We support the development and execution of inorganic strategies ranging from start-up search-and-screen exercises to evaluating the investment logic of platform-focused deals. 

Market Analysis

We provide clarity to your strategic process by mapping market landscapes, sizing addressable segments, tracking critical trends, benchmarking competitor capabilities, and predicting industry evolutions. 

Growth Strategy

Pointe identifies and clarifies the attractiveness and feasibility of market opportunities. We further develop prioritized roadmap to enter new geographies, segments, and channels, while defending core businesses against incumbents. 

Customer Insights

Pointe provides deep learnings around customer characteristics, sentiment, and demand to enable our clients to craft tailored product, marketing, and distribution strategies. 


A global agribusiness client surmised one of its subsidiary business units was struggling in the overall landscape. Pointe first performed an evaluation of the client’s capabilities, performance, and strategic fit in the business.  We then benchmarked the group against the market. As a result of the findings, the client confidently divested its business unit completely.

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