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Market Research

Business intuition can help you go fast, but market research will guarantee you go far.

Accurate and real-time identification of underlying industry drivers, bases of competition, and external forces is critical in discerning the profitable from the possible and clarifying the pivotal from the periphery. 

Corporate strategists, equity investors, and marketing leaders can design winning playbooks by embedding market research into their processes to avoid blind spots and find the hidden gold.

Developing intimate understanding of targeted markets validates high-stake decisions. Moreover, its paramount toward maximizing success, optimizing capital allocation, and ensuring the staying power of your business.

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How Pointe Can Help

Pointe’s approach to market research is bespoke in its conception and rigorous in its execution. We combine an expansive breadth and depth of interview and survey tools to harvest the best inputs. Whether it is developing an early view on a target market, getting a pulse check on shifting trends, or responding to a disruption, Pointe market research can break the logjams often found in internal strategy planning and lead the way forward. Wary of data inundation, we are tenaciously focused on what actually moves the needle and generates results.

Mapping market landscapes to understand degree of concentration/fragmentation, peer group participants, and placements within broader horizontal/vertical segments of value chains
Sizing addressable/serviceable/capturable market segments according to tailored, client-specific criteria
Unpacking external market drivers of change, spanning from economic to demographic and regulatory to geopolitical factors, as well as their expected permanence or fluctuation
Spotting and tracking critical trends around technology, talent, and business model
Flagging risk areas to protect customer strongholds, quality standards, and reputational integrity 
Predicting future states of markets through quantitative modeling and qualitative forward-looking guidance 

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Future Market Shifts Anticipation

Pointe supported a multinational insurance client to evaluate the external market landscape across economic, social, demographic, and technological mega-trends to anticipate future market shifts and subsequently determine scenario impacts to the business and inform five-year strategic plans/investments.

Case Study #2

Market Access & Commercialization Strategy

Pointe assisted a global biopharmaceutical company with its market access and commercialization strategy for a dermatology therapy based on forward-looking modeling, understanding of industry value chains, and early flagging of risks. Our client adjusted its investment allocations resulting in above-market profitable growth within the first two-years of launch.

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